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 Changes coming

Magnificent weather has come to end,thunderstorms promised, rain wetting the ground after some time withour a really good drink for the plants. Leaves are changing, the Tui are coming back. Lovely sounds. It has been a busy time with multiple Healing Touch classes in both Auckland and New Plymouth , a practitioner level class is coming up in the Akaroa area of the South Island which is fully subscribed. This is fantastic news for N.Z. I completed an Equine workshop in Cambridge a few weekends ago. What fun! A possible dog workshop coming up.
Changes to the website are coming and there may be some disruption. Apologies. Annis



 Update and work in Progress

Since the beginning of this year I appear to have been leaping from one thing to another for numerous events out through 2019. Has been feeling shambolic but there is a bit of clarity coming into place. There still is the huge flexibility allowing 'things to change' I always start with the things which are furthest away!!!! I have no idea why. Planning on talking with people who have started to work with rescued exotic animals, attend a Conference and generally catch up with people to check/bring my learning 'up to speed.' Various people Healing Touch classes throughout NZ (please go to the to look for classes near to you.)
The Equine workshop at the RDA Cambridge on March 30th/31st is going ahead. It still has a couple of places if you would like to register with me. The details of much of the year are falling into place.



 Horses & Powerpoints

To Cambridge today to assess and treat horses. A variety of issues are identified by the owners including "just won't get on the float.' Often that is simply because they can't 'feel' their hoofs properly and therefore don't trust the ramp or it maybe the float looks like a 'big black hole' and therefore must contain a cougar or snake or something. All so easily rectified by re-balancing and activating their entire energy structure. If you want to learn how to do this, register for the Equine Workshop on March 30/31st at the RDA Cambridge.
I have been struggling with a Powerpoint and at this rate it will be refined down to a minimalistic presentation. I am sure that will be appreciated by the audience!! Pictures ++



 Healing Touch NZ - up and running for 2019

2019 has required me to get a hard copy diary to enable me to plan this year. yet maintain some flexible space Healing Touch classes can be found and registered for on the Healing Touch New Zealand website. An overview of other activities will be on the calendar very shortly.I have a two day, Equine workshop in Cambridge (NZ) on the 30th/31st March. There is still a little space. If you would like to attend please email me and register. The will also be an animals workshop in Port Macquarie (Aust) in May.
This past weekend an Advanced Healer Preparation (Unit 3) was held in Auckland, with a number of those students progressing through to the Case Management and Professional Practice (Unit 4) in May in Christchurch. This course is now full and there is a waiting list. Planning for another of these is being undertaken. Please register your interest on the HTNZ website ASAP. Check both the HTNZ and Healing Beyond Borders websites for courses, conferences and other details for this year.



 The End (nearly) of 2018.

What an interesting year has just about completed itself. Since returning from Australia I have reviewed all aspects of my life. Cleared that which needs to go in the physical, emotional and mental World. Put plans (with the ability to flex) into 2019. These involve all sorts of teaching, all over NZ and overseas. I am also keeping space for myself in all this. My whole Being has returned to revisit some of the things which give me pleasure i.e Ikebana, Yoga, swimming. Fun things. Keeping my paperwork up to date is also important and preparing properly for any teachings I am doing. Not hard just takes focus. This is just a short note with a reminder to you all to clear your personal debris at every level as well as preparing to be VERY flexible in this coming year.
Happy New Year to you All Anns



 Western Australia

Here I am up on the mid west coast of Western Australia. I am on the edge of a National park and an Ocean Reserve. How can anything be better than that? Along with the birds, Galahs, Emus and many others there are then the animals. Being very aware not to hit a kangaroo or wallaby on the road; lizards to be avoided - the driving hazards of this area. Then of course all the birds and animals which come into the vet clinic - dogs, cats, birds and turtles which go into the turtle rescue tanks until they are well enough to be returned to the sea. Yes it is warm. The cloud formations last night and tonight are stunning with the most magic colours. Out on the sea life is not the same from one minute to the next. This I revel in.
Have fun all of you.



 Stormy type weather.

As a New Zealander, we are very good at talking about weather. That is because the changes come so quickly when you live on a groups of islands at the lower end of the Planet! However it also means that a level of preparedness and great flexibility is a real asset and one that we could wisely embrace in our own lives. That does mean we make plans but don't cast them in concrete as we may have to detour - this is usually for our own good, however we tend not to see it like that.
This flexibility has been a major part of my life over the last few years. It opens up opportunity to do new and exciting things and applies to all ages of life. De-stressing you life is also important. Only you can decide how you do that. It has to resonate with you and may also NOT cost you anything. It isn't the next gym programme or diet. Those re control mechanisms, used by another to mostly make you feel bad because......... Become aware.



 Challenge is to keep the stress down as you head fast towards Christmas.

Currently I am busy in a full Auckland people clinic. At the same time I am working (with help) to get my new computer to behave !! Next week I head for Western Australia to spend time with some friends until late November. Sounds good to me as there will be animals, turtles in the rescue mode and who knows what else. Such fun.
Meanwhile I am suggesting you all keep a very strong focus on taking time out of your busy schedules to think about stress reduction. Whether that be Yoga, meditation or something along those lines........ go to it without delay.

Hopefully I will get to add photos.



 The Weeks are Filling

I am happy to say my people clients are multiplying. It has taken four years to meet enough people to create a practice in a place where one has no relatives etc. Those of you thinking about this, don't be in a hurry.
This past weekend I met some spectacular people at an extremely interesting and top class horse workshop in Putararu under the guidance of a lovely lady called Lynley Bolt from the Masterton area. Those of you who are horse people look for her workshops.

Coming up I have some people workshops - one in Tauranga and one in Auckland. There is a proposed workshop for Dogs & Horses on 6th/7th October. I am planning some full two day horse workshops next year over in the Cambridge/Putararu or Rotorua area or maybe all of them. Annis



 Phew the year is disappearing (again.)

I haven't been able to access the website for some time but this does now seem to be fixed. The past six weeks have been full of travel and fun. I taught a Dog & Horse workshop at a beautiful property just outside Port MacQuarie NSW. It was a stunning venue, sitting among blue gums. Awesome. I raced back to teach and work in Auckland. Back to Tauranga for one day and then to Switzerland. Just under two weeks, catching up with triathletes and their families whom I have know a long time but not seen for a while. Wonderful to be back, catching up. Great food, polite people and the children becoming adults.
A total delight at every level. Work, both people and animals is increasing. I have planned to teach a Dog & Horse workshop on 6th/7th October here is Tauranga. I seriously need some help to create new posters for this workshop but haven't found someone to do this yet. Please get in touch if you can help. This is quite urgent.



 Autumn (Fall for my USA friends!)

I cannot believe we are racing towards the MIDDLE of the year, the sun is moving speedily back to the Equator and our days are getting shorter, wetter, huge swinging temperatures and all that as we head into Winter. Life here is getting busier. The first Healing Touch course for this year has been completed with the greatest students. I have a variety a talks to different groups which is fun and allows me to 'spread the word.' I start a one day clinic in a Health shop, in June. That also could be very interesting. I will be travelling a bit throughout May to teach different workshops - one is an animal workshop and the other is a people workshop. I have a clinic in Auckland, so anyone wishing to make a booking, please make an appointment directly with Yoga Corner in Newmarket.
Hope you Winter preparations are going well. It is time to throw out that which is no longer useful and this includes tangible 'stuff' stored around the house, as well as emotional and mental issues. Cleaning time. Go well with this,




 Blue Moon last night......what does that mean for us all?

Obviously we are already in the second month of 2018 !! It is blowing a gale and we are expecting rain but we are so much better off than the South of NZ where the extremes have been great. New posters for classes and I will be concentrating on putting animal work in place for this year. So many animals would benefit hugely for people seeing their animals from a broader perspective. Remember a horse is a horse, a dog is a dog. Allow your mind to go back to the basics.
They are suffering from the manipulation of their diets and intense overfeeding of many. Is there a parallel here with humans??? I am asking you to think, learn and question. A lot of high energy foods are NOT appropriate for an animal which is doing virtually nothing. Cat and dogs continually 'snacking' is a really bad idea. Convenient for you, yes........healthy for the animal? Definitely not. The horse is the exception - it needs to be walking and grazing all day with quality roughage (hay) available. I am ranting I know...........I am asking you all to critically think for the true health of your animals.



 Wow - 2 comments in a very short time - this is the new me!!!!!

I have recuperated and started (only this week) to make some really clear decisions. The results are already superb. I have been working with animals, people and putting a various events in place.U3A in Tauranga; a 6 week workshop on Chakras in a Yoga facility; the people clinics in Auckland a; a possibility of a new clinic in Gisborne, and then there are the racehorses. Such fun. My people work here in Tauranga ebbs and flows. This is good, as it keeps a balance with the animals. There is much to learn which can be utilized in each sector. After all I am dealing with energy. Lets not make it complicated, because it isn't. Annis



I am appalled to see I haven't chatted here for a while!! Apologies. I travelled from August through to mid November with only very short times at home. The result is: I ended the year really tired and have spent a lot of times sitting and sleeping, a bit of property/animal sitting and some poor efforts at planning the proposed animal courses in the North Island for 2018. Dates are sort of in place and I am ready to move with flyers etc However all this is waiting until next week so please be patient with me.
I am planning to take more 'Annis' time this year and actually do it instead of taking just a minute here and there. Watch this space.

Here we are in 2018, which feels like a very different year. May your internal calm be increased, your ability to flex with the multiple changes around be enhanced and you be surrounded and radiate LOVE. This is the highest frequency of all.



 Back from Tropical Climates

Since last week, I have been in the 30 - 31C degree warmth and damp of North Queensland. The Australian Conference of Healing Touch has been a great gathering of wonderful people, with many skills and some fantastic sharing of information and how Healing Touch is being utilized in the Aboriginal communities. Wonderful music, learning to weave, and bats coming and going, continuous chatting, as they hung themselves up in the trees to sleep for the day.
Travel disruptions due to storm activity but all arrived and returned in one piece. Regrouping and preparing for the next part of the calendar.



 The flexibility of life.

The speed with which this year is disappearing is incredible and I am sure you all have noticed this. Another feature of this current time is that all plans are liable to change in a nano-second. I therefore write in pencil on any hard copy plan and then get it to marry up with the technological plans.
I have been to Ch.Ch to teach a Healing Touch Advanced Healer Preparation. A fun weekend with colleagues and students as well as being very consolidating in the new work. In a few days times I am away to Cairns to be the keynote speaker at the Australian Conference. Within a short time after returning the Auckland clinic will take place at Yoga corner in Newmarket. (Anyone wanting an appointment please book directly with the studio.) After that I will be doing a revision of the energy fields and chakras for HT students at Browns Bay. I return to Christchurch to teach Case Management and Professional Practice.

At this moment I am also planning into next year. I have been unable to fit in an Animal Course this year so I am aiming for the earlier stages of next year. I will keep you informed. Annis



 Theoretically tomorrow is the beginning of Spring.

I have just returned from a Healing Beyond Borders Conference in Colorado USA. Used the new fast rail from airport to Denver centre then out to Conference venue. Very efficient (as is Denver airport.) Hard work Conference, big changes of curriculum and therefore much updating to do. Ultimately everyone moving forward and heading in the same direction once understanding was integrated. Great speaker, new research regarding energy.
My presentation was well received and was followed by guiding a group at an Animal Sanctuary on the day of the Eclipse. Hugely interesting at every level. I will attach some new photos into the gallery. Now going into an intensive teaching time. Here in Tauranga, in Christchurch and then to Queensland Australia.

Am being asked to plan an animal course........merely trying to find a time and a place.



 Healing Touch AGM +

Last Friday I flew to Christchurch (into the heavy rain) caught up with friends and headed into a superbly organised and informative Healing Touch AGM. The organisation has the most amazing foundation, is now moving into the next phase of its being. The pilot programme of Healing Touch is well in place in the Bone Transfusion Unit at Christchurch Hospital. This is an awesome step and has taken a huge amount of work and drive. Brilliant.
I have been teaching a course on Chakras to a group of Yoga people. This has been to encourage people to learn how their health is affected by a compromise within their own lives. I may teach another of these in due course. Animal work of many sorts continues and as always is very interesting. Racehorses all with the name 'Weka' in their name and belonging to 'The Galloping Wekas' group are beautiful and will be fun to watch. I am preparing Conference presentations for both the USA and Australia - so need to get on with that. I

I have a people workshop in Auckland at the end of July but it would appear to be fully booked.This is great for me I must say. We are looking at more time but I cannot go into the evenings so possible clients would need to make the time. Talk again soon...........



 Cool, blustery & moving into Winter

We are clearly moving into Winter at speed. The deciduous trees are fast changing leaf colour and then dropping them. We are so lucky to live here, as we have so many evergreen trees which are lovely. Interspersing them are the 'bones' of other trees. It is great to see their construction and reminds me al the time of the Ikebana I used to do.
I have ben very busy in the world of writing and organising various presentations. Some are not far away i.e a 6 week course on Chakras then the two Conference presentations I have to organise. Of course I always want to do the one furthest away !!!! Next week I am off to see race horses. This is always fun as I have to explain to people what I am doing and why. Results are the answer and due to the human component is always interesting.

I am enjoying being more focused in this area of the country although there will be some trips to Auckland to do a half day teaching and a peole clinic at Yoga Corner. If you read this and want to book in, please do so. Keep well, warm and happy, Annis



 Phew, that last one came onto the site!! Fingers crossed.

Since my travel through the South Island when I worked, ran a horse workshop and a people clinic I have been spending a great deal of time working with the major curriculum changes which have occurred in the past month or so. This is taking a lot of focus. Practice nights for Tauranga HT people are now in place with a half day practice on the 13th May. I am happily able to see a few more people and animal clients so don"t hesitate to call, text or email. Until next time. Annis


 Another go at getting some news on here!!!

This will be short due to writing heaps and then it not being picked up through the process. Infuriating. Lets see what happens.



Since I last wrote here I have covered the whole country from Tauranga to Southland and back again. Sorry if I missed you. I have done people clinic, worked with endurance horses, taught an advanced ores workshop, talked with many, many people and generally checked on many areas where I haven't been for some time. Ahead of me are a number of people clients; a weekend of a Healthy Living festival which is here in Tauranga and a number of talks to groups. So the World goes. It sort of sound like more of the same but we did have a great Healing Touch Level 1 in Tauranga and are heading towards setting up practice nights and ongoing classes. Please register you interest ASAP if you are interested.
I another note I am being asked to run and animal workshop here in Tauranga. If you would just be a little patient with me I hope to have this in place within the next week.




I should thoroughly read what I write!!!! The second line word should read 'advanced horse workshop.' !!!!


 Animal workshops

I have been working at creating a Horse/Dog workshop here in Tauranga but have not 'landed' it yet. More action required by me on this one. At the end of February I will be heading to the South Island. There will be a series of things happening there. A people clinic for two days in Nelson, looking at horses here and there, planning in process for a more intensive Dog/Horse workshop in North Canterbury. This one is for people who have some energy knowledge and are wishing for some in depth 'stuff'. This will be at Bennington Park. Dates and further information coming. Various other details are being worked out. I will keep you all informed. Annis


 Animal workshops

I have been working at creating a Horse/Dog workshop here in Tauranga but have not 'landed' it yet. More action required by me on this one. At the end of February I will be heading to the South Island. There will be a series of things happening there. A people clinic for two days in Nelson, looking at horses here and there, planning in process for a more intensive Dog/Horse workshop in North Canterbury. This one is for people who have some energy knowledge and are wishing for some in depth 'stuff'. This will be at Bennington Park. Dates and further information coming. Various other details are being worked out. I will keep you all informed. Annis



Time to look at more detail in the planning mode. I will be at the Karaka Yearling Pre sale day. I love looking at those horses. Can't stay any longer as I have to be in Hamilton on the Monday. After a Healing Touch Level 1 workshop in Tauranga in February, I will be heading for a full on tour through the South Island, going from Nelson to Gore and back. It will be fun to catch up with so many whom I haven't seen for a little while (mostly since I moved up here.) Will possibly do a Horse/Dog workshop at Bennington Park near Oxford. People will need to have done some work with energy fields and structures as this will be a more in depth approach. I will be back in touch with more detail when I have it. The attached calendar will indicate, vaguely, where I might be. Go well, Annis


 January 2017

How did we get here??


 What will this Year Bring

Happy New Year to you all. I have done a lot of planning out to the end of this year but leaving lots of spaces for the high speed changes I am expecting to appear this year which will fill a few spaces.
My troubles with trying to load news here have been related to my computer which now has a new lease on life and has a security programme which is appropriate to this Mac. Miracles abound. I feel like a child in the toy shop because my computer actually WORKS when I ask it.

I could be in the South Island from the end of February and into March. If you are interested in animal treatments and could all collect in the one place then that would be good. I am going to post this just to make sure this works.



 General Activity

I am currently in Auckland running a people clinic at the Yoga Corner in Newmarket. This is always great fun, surrounded by cheerful, healthy thinking people. I tend to go to the movies in my off time but there isn't too much on at this moment which is a bit of a shame.I worked with horses on the way up here..........busy, startled and nervous would best describe one of those animals. Who knows what experiences have caused them to be like this. It will always be the human factor at some stage in the past which is unknown to the present owner. Sad that we do so much damage to these beautiful animals.
Due to lack of registrations I have just cancelled the Fielding animal workshop. I am arranging a date for an Animal workshop in Tauranga for January so if any of the people from further down the island would like to make that trip then you would be very welcome.

In two weeks time I will be in Napier. I am available for people treatments from the Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday morning 24th. On the Fridal I am running and Animal 2 + revision at the Meanee RDA. One the weekend there will be an HT Level 2 people out at Esk Hills. All good and in finalization phase. Anyone who wishes an appointment in Napier please book with Carol of Yin Yoga on 021-284-5098 for times and details. Take good care until I see you.



 Paying attention to the twitching of the Universe.

Isn't strange how all the things further away are more easily "landed" and organised than an event this coming weekend! Have just had a photographer here from the newspaper taking a photo. This is the second photo taken in the last month. What is going on here?? We shall see. I shall be in Auckland for a people clinic at the end of next week 11th - 13th Nov inclusive at Yoga Corner (formerly Hot Yoga in Newmarket.) If anyone would like an appointment please give them a call as they handle all bookings. There were only a very few spaces left yesterday.
I will be at the Healthy Living Festival in Tauranga for the whole of this weekend 5th & 6th November. There will be a variety of people there but I shall be doing two things. 1) Promoting Healing Touch and the classes which can be taught here locally. 2) Promoting Animal Healing Courses which I hope to run next year in January. I believe the venue is sorted , merely have to negotiate a date and then ask you all to register ASAP. If anyone around here is interested please get in touch ASAP because Christmas is going to get in the way and everybody's focus will be elsewhere which is just how NZ is.



 Looking forward into November 2016

If you view the calendar for November you will notice that there is quite a bit of activity which means travelling to teach and carry out clinics in various parts of the North Island. Should anyone wish to participate in these clinics please register ASAP or get in touch with me. I am starting to plan next year an.d in that planning I am looking at spending some time in the South Island. This will not only be about teaching and doing clinical work but also catching up with friends from Nelson to Gore. That should be fun.
Coming back into the present. After giving a talk at a meeting last week, there has been a request for me to teach how to dowse energy using a pendulum. This teaching has now been arranged for the 3rd November at my home. Fun stuff and an extremely helpful ancient skill which is worth so many people having having mastered. It isn't magical, just an accurate, fast way of determining what energy is doing as well as many other things. Call me or email me quickly if you would like to attend.

Yesterday was spent at the Kati Kati Dog Show. This is a 3 day event. I looked at and treated dogs yesterday and it was good to be back seeing dogs. For the first time I saw a breed of dog from Cuba, which I had never seen before. Life is always a learning curve. It does disturb to see a dog which has been made totally dependant and scared to allow a person to be out of their sight. This is usually a collapse of the energy structures which causes the animal to be very fearful. It isn't normal and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Call me if this is your animal.



 Healthy Living Festival Tauranga

I am delighted to say that I am going to spend two days promoting Healing Touch, the curriculum, teaching and clinical work, as well as Healing Touch/Bioenergetic Healing for animals. This is a two day festival being held at Mount Manganui Tauranga. This is a great chance to speak about this work and the learning and fun which facilitates healing.
This month is all about house maintenance as we race into Spring, the trees are flowering, birds are singing and there has been a mountain of rain. Planning for Healing Touch courses into 2017 are in the planning phase and will appear on the calendar here in due course. I am happy to hear from anyone who would like an individual healing treatment session. This can be arranged by calling me either on: 07-5430-280 or 021-607-584. You can also talk to me on those numbers about animal healing sessions as well. I travel to treat all animals and am very happy to do this.



 Excellent that upload worked! Long may that continue.

I will skip what has been happening since I last posted except to say that I am now qualified to teach HT Level 4 in N.Z. This could be helpful for N.Z. practitioners and I look forward to that. This coming week I am in Napier teaching an HT 1. There appears to have been a lack of activity in the North Island however I am bending my mind to this again now. Today is a day to look at animals up on the volcanic plateau and I am really looking forward to that. I am also planning into next year for an animal course here in Tauranga. If anyone is interested in this please get in touch.


 Difficulties with uploading news.

Although there appears to have been a gap in my life that obviously isn't so - it has been a computer thing !!!! Let's see if this 'uploads'. If so I will come back and write more.


 Spring is coming.

So what has been happening? There seems to be so many interesting people turning up in my life and they are covering a very broad spectrum of interests. I have been working with Maori Healers up here, unfortunately I am not available this weekend to work with them again however I will in the future. I have completed an pressure horse workshop in Cambridge. What fun that was! Beautiful horses and lovely people.
I have been asked to be part of a Forum looking at the 'older worker.' This will be at Mt. Maunganui and will be interesting I am sure. It all seems to be coming in the week before I leave for the USA. That week also has three days of being present in both Greenland and Auckland hospitals. We shall see about that

We all would benefit from looking at our respective 'self care' at this time. The World is chaotic around us so how do you maintain a sense of calm within? Immediately challenging any negative thought, throwing it out and replacing it with a positive one will make a huge difference. Thoughts reproduce themselves and get stronger so why go down the negative and paint yourself into a deep hole when you can just as easily do the opposite??? It is a challenge in this profoundly media negative world



 Busy weeks then a gap for some personal work.

After a weekend of house guests there will be a significant gap of about three weeks. I shall be doing some revision and personal work plus some different learning. Who knows what that means. I may be able to share or I may not. Watch this space. have fun, take care and please, please look after each other and your animals.


 Level 4 in Australia

I have just attended and co-taught an HT Level 4 in Penrith Australia. What fun to work with colleagues. This is not something one gets to do in this part of the world and it is great learning as well as fun. The venue was a many building old monastry built of that lovely Australian stone. Kangaroos hopping around and certainly when it started to rain they stayed all day eating and enjoying themselves. Great students from all over Australia who worked so very hard. Working with Lori and instructor from Hawaii and Rosalie from Australia was an enormous help for me giving other views of the curriculum we all teach.
I then spent a day in in Sydney with Lori, walking, riding trains, riding ferries and then watching the Light show from the water that evening. It was absolutely spectacular, particularly the moving story being shown on the Opera house roof. I have taken photos but they may not be that clear.

Back to Auckland this weekend to work, then visitors and I am going to take a breather for a short time whilst I get to explore and look at some animals. Be in touch in due course.



 HT 1 Tauranga

This particular Healing Touch people workshop, has taken some time to come to life. It is now fully active and will take place from my home in Tauranga on the 7th and 8th of May. At this time flexibility in all things seems to be the key. Review and explore deep within you thought and emotional processes and have a 'clean out' of past garbage and that which no longer serves you. The speed of everything is increasing and it is up to us all the create a greater area of calm around ourselves. From this place we will see we do not have to react to everything. Observe and radiate love from your heart. That is you most important task. Go well.....


 A bit slow off the mark with regular updates

Every time I look here I vow to 'do better' at keeping this bit up to date. I am going to make a calendar appointment with my website!!! Please don't 'hold you breath' though. I have been occupied with an increasing number of clients both people and animals in the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty which is fun for me. I am getting to know this area of the country so much better an am eternally thankful for my phone navigation system.
I have been doing a Horse and Dog Workshop in the Napier area which was great fun for me. Seeing people become excited about what they can do to help their animals is always fun. I have spent a day working with Maori Healers in Whakatane and although a long day it is fun for me to meet with these lovely people and spend a day among giggles and laughter although there is always a serious side.

I do have one concern. I am noticing, with the proliferation of complimentary therapies, different types of energy work etc that there is an increasing number of people saying 'their way is the only way'. Be warned that as soon as you hear that, walk away as there is no way this is true. This is yet again an effort, using ego, to plant fear within people. This is unacceptable to me and stunts the ability to think, to question and to learn. Please do not go there. The coming Winter months are shaping up into a lot of travel and teaching and no doubt learning along the way. Have fun, keep learning, question and discuss ideas with like minded people. Don't waste time trying to convince people of anything if they don't want to 'go there.' You are wasting your valuable time. Annis



 Bringing you up to date

There has been major website redevelopment which is fantastic. in the past this time of the year has been slower. This year it has been 'all go since Christmas and in fact for 3 days between Christmas and New Year. Brilliant from my point of view as I have been doing an increased amount of work with race horses. I spent three days in Northland working with horses and people. For me this was not only fun work, but I met the most wonderful people and as I had never been to Northland (at least not since before, most of you reading this, were born!!) I got to see and learn about another part of N.Z.
A week after New Year I again got to explore more of Northland and then Waiheke Island. Those 'Gypsy genes' I have absolutely love this. Along with that was sitting at a beautiful place, sipping wine, eating antipasto and looking out to sea. What more could one ask?

Since then I have spent time at the Karaka Premier Thoroughbred sales, meeting people, seeing the most exquisite horses and watching where they go (& how much people pay for them.) Amazing how my face itches when sitting in front of the auctioneer!! Thank goodness I am not a registered buyer. Healing Touch classes and proposed Animal workshops are on the calendar part of the website. Events ebb and flow as I am very flexible but do need commitment from people for these workshops and that means financial commitment. No point in me galloping all over the country for nothing when I can be occupied in my local area. Go well until the next update. Annis



 One month gone already.

Website now up and running. Planning for 2016 is well in hand.

    Annis Parker. +64 7 543 0280 (international) N.Z 07 543 0280 or  021 607 584 (NZ)