Talking with Tigers by Annis Parker

This is a collection of stories and lessons from a life of experience that finds absolute delight in teaching people how to view and work with animals - increasing their understanding of what the animals have to teach us and seeing a much bigger, more integrated view.

About Me

I am a New Zealand Registered Nurse with educational, management and advanced nursing practice qualifications. I have worked in numerous countries of the world in areas ranging from operating theatres, disaster work both in the field and in the planning phases, to oncology/bone marrow transplant. I now have a full time practice in Bio-Energetic Healing of which Healing Touch is a part. This has a human, an animal (both domestic and zoo) and a teaching section. I have now been practicing full time since 1997.

    Annis Parker. +64 7 543 0280 (international) N.Z 07 543 0280 or  021 607 584 (NZ)   annis@annisparker.co.nz